How to safely transport household appliances

How to safely transport household appliances

Appliances can be heavy especially if you move a fridge freezer or hob so its important to use everything that is available to make the job easier. A transport dolly shopping cart is an option that can be bought quite cheaply and would not only make the devices easier to move but also reduce the strain on your body.

Always lift correctly

You may not always have access to transport aids when moving an appliance so if you need to move it manually it is always best to follow the correct lifting procedures. Lifting properly reduces the strain on your body and reduces the risk of injury. Some important points to remember are

Lift your knees. Youve heard this advice a thousand times before but its because its solid advice. If you bend over to lift the device you can put on your back and cause permanent damage.

Plan your way Generally when you move an appliance you get a limited picture of where you go or even move backwards. Therefore its always best to plan your route in advance to make sure there are no items that block your way of getting up and also to make sure that the device fits through corridors doorways or stairwells that you need to navigate through .

Communicate. The chance is that you will not move the devices yourself because of their size and weight so communication is the key. Its easy for a person to lift too fast or move faster than their partner is comfortable with which can lead to damage to the device or even more importantly.

Do not Be A Hero. If your losing grip or device turns out to be too heavy to go at once do not hesitate to lay it down to rest and collect yourself. Moving it safely is more important than moving it fast.

Make sure everything is safe

It is an obvious advice but also one that is easy to overlook. The council is to ensure that all appliances are safe before moving. This may involve different things depending on the device. For example it may be to make sure any removable shelves inside are removed or to make sure that the power cable is firm and secure against the device to not drive it.


As a device that will be around the clock and used daily a refrigerator is one of the key components of a kitchen. They are not cheap to replace so if youre working its very likely you want to take along when you move. Before you plan to move the device it would be wise to take a look at all the food you have and try to eat as much as possible before the expiration date otherwise you may waste food because your refrigerator will be out of power for a long time.

Keep upright

Once youve done the above and its time to move the fridge you want to be sure to keep it as straight as possible all the time. If you put it down it may cause fluid in the compressor to move around and possibly rest in the drain line which may cause damage to the machine even if you leave it in good time after moving. Sometimes it is inevitable that you will need to put it down and shut down it is not guaranteed to cause damage but it will definitely increase your chances of causing damage.

Let it rest after a hard day Work

Finally once you have moved the refrigerator to the new home you want to leave it in place for a while before turning on. This allows the gases to settle in the compressor which greatly reduces the risk of damage and allows the fridge to operate at full capacity. Ideally you would like to leave it for 24 hours before plugging it in again but we recommend at least 4 hours.

Laundry Appliances

As long as you are careful and careful it is possible to disconnect a washing machine from a complete task that can be performed by yourself. When it comes to moving the washing machine there is a main rule that you must follow to keep it safe from damage.

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